JDE equips Aurora Botnia with the Cafitesse coffee system, uniquely sustainable and bio-safe

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), the largest pure play coffee company in the world, congratulates Wasaline on the keel-laying today of AURORA BOTNIA. This vessel represents true forward thinking in the whole offshore industry. Consumers worldwide, but particularly in the Nordic area, are increasingly concerned about the human impact on Earth´s environment. Coming generations will in everyday life prefer consumption habits, including travel, that they know to be more sustainable.

“Navigare necesse est” was known thousands of years ago, even before coffee was discovered by humanity. Today, enjoying the aroma and taste of good coffee is part of seafaring. Regardless if it is on the bridge in the middle of the night, or in a cruise liner gourmet restaurant, a cup of coffee feels like a part of good life.

One kilo of ground coffee produces about three kilos of wet grounds after brewing. Chief engineers know everything about coffee-fat clogged plumbing, not to mention disposing off large amounts of wet coffee grounds or stale coffee.

With the Cafitesse filter coffee system the wet grounds remain in the coffee factory, where they will convert into energy in the local power plant. The system produces a coffee cup in seconds, in unlimited number, but only on demand. Thus, precious coffee will not be wasted into sewers.

Additionally, Cafitesse produces coffee without contact with humans before it dispenses into cup. This makes the system uniquely biohaz-safe in crowded passenger environments.

Passengers and crew of AURORA BOTNIA will enjoy good coffee aboard, always fresh and hot 24/7, brewed by Cafitesse offshore capable coffee dispensers. Our system is saving energy aboard, resources ashore and leaves nothing to waste, as the packaging is fully recyclable.


JDE Blue Ocean in Finland is represented by

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