Contest and quiz winners

2019-11-01 The first quiz is closed now. The winner, who had the closest guess is Michaela Hongisto. We have contacted the winner personally and she will get a cruise for two persons. The correct answer is 130,000 liters of paint that will be used for painting the hull of the new ferry.

2019-12-20 The winner of the Name competition for the new ferry is Denny Westerlund. We have contacted him and he wins a cruise to the maiden voyage in May 2021.

2020-01-09 The second quiz is closed. The winner is Christer Abrahamsson.  The correct answer is: There will be 332,000 meters (332 km) of cables in the new ferry.

2020-02-25 Ida Nordman from Umeå won our third quiz. The correct answer is that there will be 839 loudspeakers in Aurora Botnia.

Wasaline’s new car and passenger ferry Aurora Botnia will be floated out at Rauma Marine Constructions’ shipyard in Rauma, Finland, on Friday 11 September.